Because first impressions count.

Promoting a unique experience is a complex task. The freshness and individuality of your product is a fantastic selling point, but getting the message out there, to the right people, takes a good deal of strategic marketing. Website design has a huge impact on potential customers and on their first experience of your business.

Who are you?

The answer to this question is at the core of our design process. Visual layout, navigation, colour palette, content … all are based on the personality of your brand. 

In designing the layout of your web pages, we’ll consider image-text ratio, block width, content style, and the ratio of body text and headers. We’ll talk to you about menu format and the way in which users will navigate the site. Position, orientation, and complexity of a menu can sometimes be the deciding factor when it comes to a visitor staying or leaving.

Fully responsive websites.

More than 50% of Google searches are performed on mobile devices, so it’s important that a website can adapt seamlessly to changes in orientation and screen size. Content will automatically be rearranged on the page, allowing for alterations in position and proportion. For example, a call-to-action button needs to be proportionately larger on a smartphone screen.

We also offer…

Logo design

Content writing

Photography & video

Web hosting

Start-up package