Collaborate with a team that shares your vision and will unveil a whole new world of opportunity.  

EXALTED dictionary definition – (verb) to raise high

Who are we?

As seasoned, experienced senior marketers with an award winning brand lead experience portfolio, the founders of Exalted decided to combine their talents in creativity, styling, strategic development and project management, with their knowledge of luxury brand events and their love of East Anglia. 

Why use us?

We are proud to call Norfolk our home. It has so much to offer everyone. The tourism industry is vital to the local area. As research shows we are spending less money on consumerism and more money on experiences / doing things (and then telling everyone about it on social media afterwards), we wanted to help local venues reach bigger and better markets by enriching their guest experience.”

Our clients love working with us because we have over 15 years of experience; and we always deliver.

It is easy to continue managing a business as it has been for run in previous years, especially if there is nothing that needs fixing, but we know that no matter how successful a business is currently, there will be more potential. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference. Having an external eye come in, not connected to the business, to come in and find those opportunities and changes, to pave the path to success.

Why we are different?

We class ourselves as fixers – serving as objective trouble-shooters and providing strategies to prevent problems and improve performance.

What sets us apart from traditional wedding and event planners, marketing agencies and creatives businesses is simply through creative consultancy, we focus on the power of shared experiences teamed with our desire to let the world see the East as the ultimate luxury retreat destination, that is it. We are a small but focused team meaning that your business, is our business. We work for you, but more importantly we work with you.

Our suppliers, from architects and designers to temporary structures, are all handpicked to work for us and founded upon working relationships of many years, so that you can be assured they are the very best industry talent as and when required.

And whilst our range of services is diverse, it is fully tailored to our clients needs.

We are now offering FREE consultations (via phone) to help our customers and those in need through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Normally £175 – currently free