Why Marketing is Food for Your Business

The most marvellous product or service, presented on the most stunning website, won’t make you any money if nobody knows it’s there.

Food for thought

For a business, marketing is nourishment. Marketing is a consistent supply of fuel, in times of hardship and in times of plenty. Marketing is to a business what food is to its workforce.

When a business has grown to a massive size, is marketing still necessary?

That’s like asking if Giant Haystacks and Red Rum still needed to eat after winning the European Heavyweight Wrestling Championship and third Grand National (respectively).

Commercial giants like Pepsi, Hoover, and Marks & Spencer enjoy ongoing success because they’re fuelled by marketing activity, which is essential to the survival of every business.

Balanced diet

Marketing is about nurturing your brand’s:

  • Visibility
  • Relationship with customers
  • Reputation

It’s about generating:

  • New customer relationships
  • Sales
  • Security for the future

Social media and email are great platforms for enhancing brand visibility and building strong relationships with customers. Informational blog posts and videos on your website help to position your brand as an industry authority, and regular fresh content will boost SEO.

Bitter pill

When business is good, and money is plentiful, it’s tempting to push marketing aside – to give it a rest until times get hard.

… Okay, so things are getting a bit tight. Customers have left you to shop elsewhere, and there’s no sight of new customers. Time to restart the marketing.

Except it doesn’t work like that. Your brand has been forgotten, and your relationship with the customer has died.

Marketing is a lot of things, but it’s not medicine.

Wining and dining

Engaging existing and potential customers involves a bit of gallantry. Give something away – for example, a list of handy top tips, an informational blog or video, or a special offer. Show customers they’re appreciated, by using loyalty cards (or an equivalent discount system) and after-sale emails.

Let them get to know you. Social media posts might include the occasional “Meet the Team” post, or updates on your move or refurbishment of premises. Throw in some case studies and testimonials, and maybe a few humorous anecdotes.

Keep in touch! (Out of sight, out of mind …)

Repeat custom is bread and butter to many businesses, so, nurturing your brand-customer relationships is of paramount importance. A regular email containing company news and special offers, with links to latest blogs, keeps you in mind. How about a fun quiz, with a prize to be won!

Dessert comes in the form of referrals. A referred customer gives you the benefit of the trust they have in the person who referred them. You grow your relationship with the new customer, who becomes a repeat customer, and who might well refer a friend. Happy customers lead to referrals.

Famine and feast

Never stop marketing. Your business may be doing very well at this moment, but when there’s a slump, it’s too late. Keep planting the seeds for future harvests.

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